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$8.50 .xyz transfers
$7.99 .org registrations
$1.99 .monster registrations

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  1. Yes for me the crypto prices page, .make things a lot easier, to look up, the prices of the main,ones, ,others are good but a lot, off zig zag and stats,

    1. Hi Wahyu, sorry to only validate your comment now. It ended up in the spams and I just found it now :/
      You don’t like RainCAPTCHA? (if I understood correctly). Sorry to hear that. Which one do you like most? The images selection like ReCAPTCHA or hCAPTCHA? Or something else?
      Maybe we’ll change it at one point. It’s not the plan in the very near future, tho.

      I still sent you 2K sats 😉

  2. To celebrate the 6 months is up and to thank everyone having taken the time to comment, I’ve sent 2000 sats to every past commenter who subscribed to the followups by email, and 1000 sats to those who don’t.

    It has been sent to your FaucetPay account linked to the email you used to comment (except Risam and Mr Bitcoin as you seem to have used a different email. Please use the contact form to give me your FaucetPay email or your BCH linked address and I’ll happily send you your 2K sats).

    Thanks everybody!

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